Friday, 18 September 2015

HQrevshare Legit or Scam-Review

HQrevshare Review

(Legit or Scam/Paying or not)

Site Description is combo of PTC and revenue sharing site launched on 8/8/2015.This site offers you high cashback on purchase of ad packs offered by is new so the trust level of this site is really low but let's see how this site grows and keep paying high yelds.Will it go scame or keep paying to users.

Site Admin Info

We have also found information about Hqrevshare's admin. As per the scamadviser site -
Owner name - Mohamad Hanifi
Owner Address- 24 Tanglin Halt Road
Owner City - Singapore
Owner Postcode -140024
Owner Email -

Site Review

I searched on internet and found that some bloggers said the owner was a scamer in past.But Hqrevshare is paying atm . Scameadviser trust level is only 60% which showes the site is unpredictable and hard to say that website will go scam soon.I suggest invest only that you can afford.Also becareful such hyip sites may turn into scam at any time so always try to cashout amount and don't try to put all eggs in one basket.


Following are features of Hqrevshare --
  1. It's a revenue sharing ptc site.
  2. Site offers 4 diffrent advertisement packages which are affordable .
  3. Beginner pack cost you $5 and matures at $7.5 i.e 150 % ROI ,50 Directory Listing and 10.000 Ad Credits, subject to maximum 500 packs.
  4. Basic Pack  cost $10 and matures at $15.3 i.e. 153% ROI ,100 Directory Listing and 20.000 Ad Credits, subject to maximum 500 packs.
  5. Advance pack cost $20 and matures at $31 i.e. 155% ROI ,200 Directory Listing and 40.000 Ad Credits, subject to maximum 500 packs.
  6. Expert pack cost $40 and matures at $63.20 i.e.  158% ROI ,400 Directory Listing and 60.000 Ad Credits, subject to maximum 500 packs.
  7. 12% affilate commission on all purchase or repurchase.
  8. Instant payment through Paypal , Payza , Bitcoin , STP , Prfectmoney

Free Members

Yes free members can also make some cents as a free member you can make some cents by clicking PTC ads and by reloading directory listings.

If you have any good or bad experience with this ptc or with it's admin then please share with us so more accuratly we can know about this site's reputation.


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  3. HQREVSHARE is Legit to me. And Till Now the best Internet Earning Model for me. TRUSTHWorthy It Pay's Out. I trust the Owner, Han Mohamad. He Answers on Facebook, Skype and solved Problems where They are. He has a good reputation. So what do You want More.Am from The Netherlands and happy with this system.

    1. Thanks for commenting Boudi Bitcoin your comment is helpful to judge repuation of Hqrevshare.

    2. You see now how it is legit! IT S A SCAM

  4. I'm sorry but where does the money come from from referral earnings? The money can't just appear from nowhere now can it?

    1. referral earning is shown on dashboard and if your referral clicks PTC ads you'll get your commission .I hope this helped you because your question is not clear to me. :)

  5. So does that mean that a portion of what I earn will go to my referrer? Wouldn't it be better to be signed up under no one if that's the case since they are taking some earnings away from me?

    1. If you signup under no one still you will be default referral of Admin his account name is portfolio.

      So it's better to signup under someone and you can make a referral cash back deal with him so you'll get more money.

      If you want to signup under me it will be good for both of us because I offer 50% RCB.

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