Thursday 1 October 2015

Revadburst New hyip is this scam ?

Globaltrafficads Review

(Legit or Scam/Paying or Not)

Site Description

Revadburst is new hyip in industry and launched on 10/10/2015 now we can say something about this new ptc.Revadburst looking nice , design and template is cool.Below is the look of members area

Monday 28 September 2015

Globaltrafficads- New Revenue Share Ptc Scam Or Legit ?

Globaltrafficads Review

(Legit or Scam/Paying or Not)

Site Description is a HYIP revenue sharing programe just like other HYIPs .I'll not say is a scam at least not atm because if we call it scam then we have to call all other HYIPs scam.All hyips are managed ponzi if Admin fails to manage it then we call a hyip is scam.If this site go scam you will see update in red color on this page.This site launched on 17 Sept. 2015 and sharing revenue minimum 120% .

Friday 18 September 2015

HQrevshare Legit or Scam-Review

HQrevshare Review

(Legit or Scam/Paying or not)

Site Description is combo of PTC and revenue sharing site launched on 8/8/2015.This site offers you high cashback on purchase of ad packs offered by is new so the trust level of this site is really low but let's see how this site grows and keep paying high yelds.Will it go scame or keep paying to users.

Adheza New PTC - Review scam or Legit

Adheza Review

(Scame or legit/Paying or Not)

Update - 28/09/2015

This website probably has gone  scam this site is no more opeing in browser therefor we are not recommending this site to join.

Site Description is newly launched website there for not much information is available for this site. We will review Adheza trust rating and reputation on the basis of information available on intrnet.

Thursday 17 September 2015 Review in 2015- Scam or Legit

Gen1pro Review (2015)

(Scam or Legit/Paying or Not)

Site Description is a simple paid to click site (PTC) launched in2014 and paying since 2014.Website Admin is trusted person and pays instantly. We tried to find reputation of on the popular internet websites including Scamanalyze and Scamadviser.

Friday 31 July 2015

How to earn $0.5 and more from Bitcoin faucet ?

I am going to explain you how you can make 50 cents and more by using some Bitcoin faucet website .

What's a bitcoin faucet website? 

A bitcoin faucet website gives you opportunity to earn free bitcoins by just visiting their web page , for solving a captcha or playing a game .

Thursday 30 July 2015

How to convert Bitcoin to Paypal money ?

Exchange Bitcoin for Paypal $

Do you want to exchange your bitcoin for Paypal $ ? It is not easy to buy / sell bitcoin with paypal because of chargeback option in paypal . But you can buy/sell your bitcoin with ease using . I'll explain here how to buy  bitcoin using paypal money , if you want to sell bitcoins and want to withdraw in your paypal just do these things backwards.

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Trafficmonsoon - The Leader of all trffic exchange websites

Hello friends today I want to write about a traffic exchange website which is getting more popular day by day because of it's revenue sharing scheme .Ordanary traffic exchange website allow users to surf only 1:1 or 1:2 ratio that means you need to view others website for particular seconds to get back a visitor to your website/blog , Some traffic exchnage also offer incentives to members including cash insentive for example offer 1:1 surfing and $0.3 for surfing 1000 websites ( this is very low for your hardworking).

Tuesday 26 May 2015

How to overcome from paidverts debt swap ?

Get rid from paidverts debt swap

All existing members of MTV/PV already aware of debt swap so this post for those people who are suffering from debt swap or had suffered before.

What is debt swap ? (New users should know this)

I told before that Paidverts and MTV both are sisiter sites. Paidverts is PTC (paid to click) site but in the other hand MTV is a investment site i.e. you can invest money and you'll get some return on your investment after certain period , there are some investment plans on MTV that gives good return (better than bank interest ) .

Sunday 21 September 2014

Effective Strategy for Paidverts (A Unique PTC)


Hi friend this is my first post . First thing i am not a good writer , second my English is not good. :)  I created this blog ...
  • To help people to earn money online (with or without investment)
  • My very small effort to remove unemployment from my country (India) or from world
  • I want to share some money making ideas with world.
  • If only one person get success with this blog than i can think my effort is not waste .